About Us

Welcome to Olive Squad by SIX BRAVO APPARELS LLP, your dedicated hub for premium quality apparel, accessories, and merchandise inspired by the valiant Indian Armed Forces, including the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, and the esteemed Police and Paramilitary services of India. Our collection is a tribute to the courage and dedication of these brave guardians of the nation.

Each item in our store is thoughtfully designed to reflect the spirit and valor of India's defense services. From stylish clothing that carries the essence of military elegance to accessories that embody the strength and discipline of our forces, Olive Squad offers a unique way for you to show your respect and admiration for these heroes.

Our range of products includes T-shirts, caps, badges, and more, all adorned with iconic symbols and motifs associated with the Indian Armed Forces. Whether you're a proud member, a veteran, a family member, or simply an admirer of these noble institutions, Olive Squad provides a meaningful way to express your support and pride.

Shop with us and wear your patriotism on your sleeve. Every purchase not only adds to your collection but also shows your solidarity with the men and women who tirelessly work to keep our nation safe and secure. Join Olive Squad in celebrating the bravery and honor of India's finest. Jai Hind!